Who we are

Convention and Festival Enthusiasts

We travel to several conventions and festivals locally and nationally. We document our experiences with videos and photography. Create professional promotion cuts for the event itself and use our own for our promotion as well. 

News and Entertainment

We provide breaking news of all things nerdy on our social media. From movie news, TV news, comic book news, all the way to local food and brewery news, we make sure everyone is informed and satisfied with our presence. 

Reviews and Podcasts

We provide written reviews of movies, festivals, and conventions as well as podcast what we can. and when we can. 

The TC Team

Nathan Cox

Nathan is a co founder of Talking Comicon and our Chief Video Editor. He is a Culinary Chef by day and Comic Book nerd by night. 

Jamar Antione

Jamar is our Senior Photographer and all around geek. He is a huge MMA and Football fan. 

Derek Williams

Derek is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief for Talking Comicon. He reads Marvel and DC ritually and is extremely diverse in his writing. 

Drop Us A Line

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Hope To See You Soon!

We strive to be at as many festisvals and conventions throughout AZ and the SW USA. If you see us there, feel free to run up to us and have fun!

Talking Comicon